Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I remember years ago when the children were small dreaming of the days that they’d all be in school. 
Then wishing for the time that they’d all finish at the same time + extra murals. 
You know what? I am there now. 
I have time for pedicures, meeting friends for tea at the mall, I can watch a movie, scrapbook all morning but ...still I struggle to see my glass half full.

I am blessed, I know that but sometimes raising three children isn’t the fun enriching experience I thought it would be. They bicker, argue, make disparaging comments, treat each other with far less respect than my husband and I treat each other. My friends tell me this is normal, all par for the course of having siblings. I don’t know.
 I longed for an older brother to look up to, a sister to play and chat with. I was lonely growing up, I felt like a tag-along behind my mother, surprised when people greeted me or remembered my name. 
Why does the “joyous role of Motherhood” feel so tiring and soul destroying? Thankless and unappreciated? 

My thanks to Elise's pieces for her designs.
Background stamp from "this life"
Title: Alpha from MR handsome collab with Sherwood Studios
365 neutral patterns
365 six pack frames
365 six pack flowers
365 doodled border
All sold at the digichick.



Karen Williams said...

Ha! Nice to know it doesn't get any better. LOL- My third starts school on Monday but I have to get through this weeks school holiday first- the bickering began at 6.30 this morning

Carol B said...

It is pretty normal.
REALITY: most days we are unappreciated....some days we feel WORSE about it than other days though!
Praying about it REALLY and truly helps tons!