Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Another from me...

The 5 love languages have been in the forefront of my mind so when you asked me if we could have a Mommy-date I readily agreed. Truth be told the boys also told me that you have more of a need to spend time with me than they do so that counted as well.

You wanted to see the 3D Disney movie “tangled” I thought it would be a good “chick flick”. We got our popcorn and coldrinks, you had a children’s combo 8 while I chose the adult combo 1 which included 2 packets of choccies which I thought I’d take home to the boys.
You gave tangled a 9/10, even having a little cry at the end, when Eugene was dying. You were also horrified that he cut Rapunzel’s  hair so short – thinking that being a brunette was one thing but having such short hair for the rest of your life was a terrible pity.
I realised afresh that you have such a tender heart and that I should be far more nurturing to you than I am.
I love your gentleness and compassion, you feel things so deeply. We had a great date and I think we need to be doing this at least once a month.
Now if only I could get your father to take me on a monthly date...

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