Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Olivia's challenge 98.

Edited to add:
So sorry that I skipped putting the title of the post on it and thereby not giving Olivia
the recognition for her great idea and hard work.

 I've been meaning to create these mini books for ages, so when the seasons challenge came up it was just the prompt I needed to take on the project. The 12x12 album holds 6 little mini books. On the left I have filled one with my favourite childhood memories from sping/summer and the other with autumn/winter memories. The four little books on the right feature all the things each of the seasons inspires me to do.

 Some of my spring memories include:
getting my pet rabbit
Easter Sundays spent at country parks
Easter Monday days out
first getting into mystery & detective books
getting my 'Spy hut'
getting my room redecorated

Some of my summer memories are:
going to the library
working on craft projects
spending summer at my Grandparents' house
going to Florida
playing with my friends out late & going to the ice cream van
the town Ferry Fair week

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Christine said...

I love the presentation of these mini albums! I think it's very unique!