Friday, 18 February 2011

One from me.

Cape Town in the summer get hot, very hot. I take a lot of strain when day after day the temperature peaks in the high 30’s. My blood pressure drops and everyone seems to be so grumpy and short tempered. However in light of my new word for the year “delight” I wanted to highlight some of the things I do actually love about Summer.
In no particular order; salad for supper, esp when I just get a roasted chicken from Woolies and add fruit and salad greens to that. We all love watermelon, I usually buy ¼ and we eat it at one sitting. I love that my agapanthus flowers for most of December through February. Hannah loves ice-cream cones, she misses that from having been on the cruise for 2 weeks. I enjoy the berry sorbet from WW. We go on outings and getaways, enjoying family fun. I love the shorts and Capri combos. I enjoy having pedicures with beautifully polished toenails. I love that Hannah’s beans are thriving outside.

Cats, hot cats, stretched out cats and cats lying on tiles to cool down. Beacon eater eggs are in the shops even though it is months before Easter. Sports days, although it would make so much more sense for them to have their galas now and run in November. I also love that we are going to get the house painted. Choosing colours and having our home refreshed.

I used "Summer Love"  from Elise's pieces and adapted a template by Cindy Schnieder.

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Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Yes, I love summer, too. Love your layout with all those photos! I think my favorite is the stretched out kitty!