Monday, 11 January 2010

Tracy's challenge 72.

PUR-POSE (pur’pes) noun – 1. The reason for which anything is done, created or exists; 2. A fixed design, outcome, or idea that is the object of an action or other effort; 3. An aim or a goal; 4. Determination, Resolution


For me, living a life of purpose means adding more to my life – not more stuff; not more stress … but more meaning; more value – more purpose! I intend to set and complete more goals – goals with purpose!! Sometimes days and even weeks pass and I feel exhausted – I am chasing and rushing – BUT – I have not achieved real purpose – I believe that not everyday needs to be filled with activity and excitement and commitment of my time to specific goals, but I need to focus my energies on more important stuff – like making sure that my boys are happy and healthy; making more time for my family; nurturing special friendships; getting my mind and my home in order; creating – LIVING LIFE PURPOSEFULLY …


Sometimes, just getting through the day is a mammoth task for me – I take on the woes of the world and it weighs me down – I find I can’t cope – I figure that if I have more purpose in my day, I won’t have the time to take on more emotionally and so I will cope better! It sounds pretty simple but I know this will be hard for me! I need to disassociate without cutting myself off from the special people around me …


This requires commitment and study and time – time given to my Father in Heaven; study of His Scriptures; commitment to keeping His Commandments. It’s simple really and I know what to do – I just have to DO IT!!

I am a WOMAN of PURPOSE – I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend and Child of God!!


Nicole Drewniak said...

I Love your page and your journaling. I like the way you highlighted different parts of your script with different colours. Brilliant job!

Melissa W. said...

I love this journaling. I really feel the same way myself quite often. :) I hope you're able to give yourself more purpose! :)

Tracy said...

Thanks, girls .... oxoxoxox