Friday, 22 January 2010

Nicole's challenge 72 (b)

This is not what we agreed on.
We were only supposed to live in this town for 5 years. It's small, and remote and cliquey. I put in my time so why are we here when many have moved on? This wasn't part of the plan. It's 14 years later. You have a job you are content with and a boss who is incredibly flexible. I have my own business. We live 5 mins. from a fabulous beach. We've made friends as have our children. We are basically happy in every way that really counts.
Sure, it's hard being away from our families and a simple trip to Edmonton can feel like a major production, but we have our jobs, chums and a little 'niche' in a big world.
And, after all this time, I'm not so sure I'd want to pull up stakes and start all over again.
Even if this wasn't what we originally agreed on.
Maybe, in some ways, it's better.


Liza said...

Sometimes, there really are choices that seem to be against what we really want but after a while, embracing it seems the best thing to do. And before you know it, it really was the best decision for you. Thanks Nicole for sharing this. It inspires you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

S said...

Sometimes it takes a long time to feel like you belong in a small, "cliquey" community. We had the same challenge here. The best part is when one day you realize that you are no longer an outsider but part of the close "family" you used to look upon from the outside.

Tracy said...

Wow, Nicole ... you are truly inspirational - life is definitely what you make it and you make it positive ... good for you ...

Love, Tracy G