Friday, 15 January 2010

Reader's roundup part 1.

this one is from the lonely scrapbooker.
She chose the word "energy"
You can read her blog here.

From Lee: (you can visit her blog here
Her word for 2010: focus

Do you see all of those water droplets on the spider web above? They would be a pretty good representation of those things I have going on in my life on any given day. There are big droplets, little droplets, fuzzy droplets, droplets that just happen to be there to make the web look pretty, and droplets completely in focus.

This wet web is the perfect photographic metaphor for my life, now, today.

Sometimes my life can be overwhelming, but most of my days are no different from those of anyone else. There is always something to do. There are always things that are more and less important.

After my year (at least) of spinning in place, I really need something else. I considered the words "order" and "control", and; though they both came close, neither offered the spontaneity required in a busy family with kids in various sports and activities. In as much as there is perceived order in a sport and school schedule, we have to be constantly available and prepared for a change: an added practice, a re-scheduled game, a new concert, a sick child, the never-ending chaos I would give up for nothing else!

Also from Lee, her word for 2009

I decided on balance.

I thought it was perfect. Attainable. Certainly something absent in my life: a place I needed to be in order to see where I wanted to go. I thought of the word balance every single day of 2009.

It was not the right word.

The problem is that perfect balance is equal to perfect stagnation. To be balanced puts you in the middle of the see-saw, going nowhere, not even moving up or down, just perfectly centred. Accomplishing nothing more than what you've already attained. No moving forward. No moving backward. The idea of balance wasn't helping me, it was reinforcing my paralysis. What I needed was energy, creativity, inspiration, creative spark, electricity, joy, movement ... forward.

At the same time, I crave the calm of a centred spirit, but to be an effective parent, friend, daughter, sister, wife; at this point in my life, calm and balanced is not where I need to be. I don't need to be frantic either. But certainly not inert.

This one is from Jennifer C. You can visit her blog here.

Title- My Resolution for 2010 is to Persevere.
Journaling reads: I chose the word persevere for this year because it means to persist in anything undertaken, maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty or obstacles.

I try not to write too much about what is really going on with how our house is going. It is not positive at all. We are trying to persevere through this long, trying process because we know we will get there and overcome all the obstacles that have been put in our way over the past two years. People keep telling me, if your marriage can survive building a house, it will survive forever. I have no doubt about that and it is true... it really does put a strain on any relationship; however, we will persevere!

This one is from Darlene.
You can view it here.

en·light·ened, en·light·en·ing, en·light·ens
1. To give spiritual or intellectual insight to: “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day" (Thomas Jefferson).
2. To give information to; inform or instruct. "

the handwriten journaling on the left side reads, " My 2010 word is enlighten. i want to be enlightened by God and to be able to share my enlightenment with all. I hope to achieve this through these 16 ways."

the journaling strips read..

"Strengthen my personal relationship with the Lord.
Learn to deny my selfish ways to please God.
Tend to my daughters needs quicker and more tenderly.
Overcome our seemingly endless marital issues.
Learn to accept my husband for who he is, not who I want him to be.
Join a church. Attend, worship, and serve weekly.
Praise God for all the greatness in my life that He grants me because He loves me.
Attain my full potential in all of my classes in college.
Get into a better mental shape and physical tone.
Strengthen my family ties, especially with my mother.
Make this my most inspired and creative year, without putting everything/everyone else second place.
Share God with all the lost and strayed souls, especially my own husband, friends, and family.
Pray daily.
Be more spiritual and trust God entirely.
Get out of financial debt.
Learn to forgive quickly, to patch up and heal the scars on my heart, and to love deeply."

This one is from Jennifer.

Her blog is jennifersjumbles.

The word I chose was: vivid
And the journalling reads:
'When I was in College and Uni I used to be a lot more vivid. Not just that my clothes were louder and funkier, so that I stood out more, but I was clearer, more me. I feel I've lost something of my style and personality lately, I need to work out how to combine the 'young' me with the 'wife' me and the 'mummy' me, so I give more of an impression of who I am.

I will strive to have fun experimenting with clothes and accessories, to have a bright outlook, and to encourage my daughter to have a vivid imagination by engaging in lots of pretend play and craft. I will do my best to be distinct!

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