Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mia's challenge 72

Title: Blessed 2009

Journaling: © Ate in Kambingan for our 9th year anniversary © Was in the Green team for the Rosevale Family Day © Raya won 1st place in the Poem Recitation Contest © Mia treated everyone to lechon for her 36th birthday © We were all models for the CDO Tourism video © Raya was a giraffe during the Lion King presentation © Nadine won 1st place in the Poem Writing Contest © We went to the Monastery of Transfiguration with other families © Nadine and Raya played Junior Golf for the summer © Went to Cavite for a month during the summer © Nadine and Raya were 1st Honors during Recognition Day © Alyssa stopped breastfeeding © Lolo Ed got the CDO projects © Mier opened the gun store with James, John and Xioy © Alyssa learned to use the potty © Mier got promoted © Mia opened the parlor with Lola Rona, Ovvian and Sherly © Nadine had a tree planting 8th birthday © We were all part of Mabel and Mackie’s wedding entourage © Alyssa had a dancing Jollibee 2nd birthday © Raya has a 6th birthday elephant party © Mier turned 40 years old © Alyssa’s had her first haircut © Raya lost a tooth © Nadine had her 1st communion © Spent Christmas in Cavite and New Year in CDO ©


La grande cupcake said...

Love it! Great job with all those pictures!

Tracy said...

Beautiful as always, Mia ... love your Year in Review ...

Love, Tracy G