Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Exciting announcement!

Debbie Hodge has generously agreed to sponsor our prize for January.
The class you could win is called "scrapbooking your everyday life".
( I have taken the image above and the writing below straight from her site, www.debbiehodge.com please visit and check out the other classes on offer)

Scrapbooking Everyday Life

The photos that go onto everyday life scrapbook pages have a great variety. Figuring out how to scrapbook them and organize them in your albums requires a different approach from that you might use to scrapbook photos from defined events like parties and holidays.

The challenge in everyday life scrapbooking is to decide how to present photos that can seem almost random in a way that reveals the fabric of your home and life. Flipping through the stack of photos you wonder: Does that photo really merit its own page? Why does that one matter? How can I showcase this? Can I put those photos together? Do I need to write much for this one or is it obvious? How much context should I keep in the photo? As an everyday scrapbooker, you are photo diarist, historian, sociologist, and memoir writer all in one seeking to document and make sense of your personal world.

Thanks again to Debbie.
Ladies you all have something good to work for now.
Anyone participating in the challenge for this fortnight (challenge 71)
or the next (challenge 72 to be announced on the 15th of January) has a chance to win.
If you submit more than one LO, you will have more than one chance to win.

You can email me your submissions: Stefanie via my email address eyeore at telkomsa dot net
or leave a comment with the link to your URL,
please remember to type your journaling out please.


Helen Tilbury said...

WTG Stef!

Tracy said...

Wooohooo .... YAY!!! Come on girls, get scrapping ....

Love, Tracy G

Nicole Drewniak said...

Thank you Debbie!
Get entering ladies!

Melissa W. said...

Wow! What a great prize! :) Hope to see lots of entries for this!