Thursday, 1 October 2009

This double is from Tracy.

I marvel EVERYDAY at the bond between YOU and your DAD! Come rain or shine – you’re ALWAYS together! If you’re not WRESTLING (you’re getting too strong for your old dad …LOL), you’re SURFING, or playing RUGBY or CRICKET. You’re TOGETHER everyday! You sure made the right CHOICE when you picked your DADDY before coming to Earth!

This one is from Mia.

Title: Always Smiling
Journaling: You steal my heart each time you smile. And every time I see that sweet grin, it brings a smile to my face. Your personality always cheers me up... You brighten my day simple by flashing those pearly whites. Thank you for spreading joy and reminding me to live in the present.


Tracy said...

I LOVE your LO Mia ... xoxo

Love, Tracy G

janis said...

love both layouts!!!!

cabbie lopez said...

love the details and the clean effect here!

cabbie lopez said...

beautiful layout, tracy. love the pictures and the placement of your embellishments!