Monday, 26 October 2009

Liza's challenge 67.

Title:  Flash

Journal:  My favorite thing!

Hidden Journal:
There is no denying your love of Flash.  Your collection of action figures just continue to build up and fill what little space you have in the cabinet.  It is one of those indulgences that you enjoy so much.  And how can I deny you that joy when you've also supported my own indulgence.  You are like a kid when you open its package, all giddy and ready to play with your toy.  So, indulge and plan your next Flash purchase!


janis said...

love the colors and the pps used - - really match the superhero theme.

i can relate too with your journaling as my hubby is also an avid collector of action figures and comic books. ;O)

Tracy said...

Great topic to capture these special memories ... Love it!!

Love, Tracy G