Thursday, 15 October 2009

Shayne's challenge 66 (sorry it's late)

Sorry this one should have auto-posted on the 12th but that must have been when I was battling with my service provider.

Because of the almost 10 year gap between Iain and myself, we have never had a close relationship.  I had left the house by the time he was 10 and emerging into his own person.  We saw each other occasionally, but I always felt that he was out of my reach and out of touch from me.  I could have tried harder to mend this, but I didn’t.  That’s why, when a year ago he called and asked if he could take some timeout on the farm with us, I didn’t even hesitate in saying yes.  It was like I was being given a second chance to rekindle my relationship with him.  Which I’ve done.  And I love the fact that he is now resident here and that we get to see him weekly, if not more than that.  I love that my girls have a bond with their Uncle, and that they completely adore him and love spending time with him.  Just as it should be.  Sept 2009


ellen s. said...

that is a pretty large gap..i think it is great that you became husband and his brother are 9 yrs and they are getting closer now that they are older as well. i bet your girls love having him around!

Helen Tilbury said...

Love the title & the honest journaling Shayne!

janis said...

love your take shayne!!! and your story about your brother is so heartwarming. ;o)