Monday, 3 November 2008

Tracy K's busiest day.

Today's To-Do List:

-Don’t forget to wear character shirt
-Clean out purse (how many pens were in there?)
-Sign Joey’s planner
-Leave checkbook for Jason
-Clean and cut strawberries for lunch
-Organize photo shoot of entire school in their character shirts
-check e-mail
-finish notes for parent/teacher conferences
-check for Career Ladder deadline
-e-mail Tisha about Pumpkin W.O.W. at church tonight
-find caterpillar activity for 2nd Grade Music
-check mummified chicken for REAP
-finish scarecrow bulletin board
-put in request for day off next week
-call doctor and set appointment
-turn in time sheet before leaving
-cover ASD for Phyllis
-Grab McDonalds for supper
-Pick up Sharpies for pumpkin decorating
-Practice song for Sunday at church
-Pumpkin W.O.W.: get music ready
-Tell Jason about days off next week
-Check and see if he made his own appointment
-Thank God there’s only one October a year.


Nicole Drewniak said...

What a list! Love the block of photos too!

Ali said...

Yup, sounds pretty busy! Thanks for taking on the Challenge! WTG! That LO is very cool & soooo cleanly laid out. GREAT tree pic in bottom right, BTW!

Tracy said...

Stunning LO, Tracy - well done ...

What is W.O.W??

Love, Tracy G

QueenTracy said...

W.O.W. stands for "Worship on Wednesday"...its what we call our Wednesday night church thing for the kids. :-D

Simply-Mel said...

I can hardly breathe after reading all that!!! Great work