Friday, 28 November 2008

My name is Stefanie and I am a branded shopper.

I looked through my cupboards and what did I see... branded items.
Mr Min polish, I only use Avroy Shlain's sunscreen because I sell it and because I believe it is the best.
Mr Muscle for the kitchen counters, Domestos for the loos, Sunlight for washing the dishes and Handy Andy for general cleaning power...

The grocery cupboard was much the same, five roses orange tea, only Jacob's decaf, Nestle's hot chocolate, Ina Paarman's herbs and spices (no MSG), Simba chips (Willards only if it is seriously cheaper, but in my heart I'm a Simba supporter, Lays are good too, but Simba makes them as well), Bakers biscuits, Bokomo weetbix, Crosse and Blackwell for mayonnaise, All gold for tomato sauce and Mrs Balls for chutney, and look, no-name for the peanut butter. Can you tell that's in the cupboard for the kids mainly? My hubby shops for the cheapest, I decided long ago that for some things cheap will do but for the rest, I have my favourites.
Shhh! don't tell him! or my Mother.


Lynette said...

They say that what you buy says a lot about what does this tell! Stephanie I have given you two awards on my blog.

Tracy said...

Hey, Stef

I see quite a few brands that I use ... I also don't share the cost of these necessities (maybe a luxury in today's economic climate ...) with my hubby - he would go into full cardiac arrest if he even guessed the price of groceries these days ... tee hee ...

BTW, are these people paying you advertise???? tee hee

Love, T