Saturday, 22 November 2008

Readers roundup.

This is from Janis for challenge 43.
Journaling: (not) – pretty little thing… possesses that sweet smile that can melt hearts of steel… talented (Karen Carpenter in the making)… a (barbie) doll… future beauty queen… you may be a lot of things but to me, you’ll always be Mommy’s princess….
This one is from Ali.
Only the sandals are left.

My baby, my last one. My special child, the one I worry about most. The one who brings me such joy; excitement in every accomplishment and milestone. They don’t come easily.

You went to school today, Noah. First day, first time. Smiling, excited about “Big School.” You even called it “Noah’s school” once or twice!!

First time in almost 14 years that I have no little people at home with me. All four kids are in school now.

It feels so weird. I go around the house, looking at things, putting away toys, doing laundry, all the million things that Mommies do. My desk is piled with writing, an open Daytimer, work and ideas. It calls to me. I ignore it and take one more tour around the house, finally stopping in the room you share with Daniel.

There are books and toys on the floor, but I leave them. They seem comforting. The shelves look empty ‘cause your sneakers are on your feet, your favourite hat on your head. You went off to school like a big boy. My special child.

Only the sandals are left. Left behind as summer days have been left behind, as being a preschooler has been left behind.

Only your sandals.
This one is from Lynette.
I had to really "dig deep" for this pic. It was taken in 1985 when my children were still kids. Kobus Jr is in my shoes and Wynand in his dad's. The journalling is a poem that I found...the origins and author unknown. It reads " Sandals, pumps and highheeled boots, it really is a treat. To wear Mom's many pairs of shoes, upon my little feet. Loafers, wingtips, cowboy boots, it really is a treat. To wear Dad.s many pairs of shoes, upon my little feet." Wow...looking through old photos really brings back memories. My two boys are already daddy's themselves!

This one is from Timi.
My Journaling: Dannah and I have a lot of things in common. Aside from being look-alikes, we love doing some things together - chatting, shopping for gifts and pasalubong, planning for family celebrations, traveling together, posing for a photo and wearing the same style of clothing and shoes. I just loved these shoes that I also got one for Dannah, size 8 for me and size 7 for Dannah.

Thanks again to all of you ladies for taking up the challenge.
you don't know how glad it makes me that we have readers who actually "go for it "too,
hopefully we all end up with LO's done that we wouldn't have thought of doing
that tell a story and leave a legacy.
Blessings, Stefanie.


cabbie lopez said...

lovely creations!!!

Tracy said...

Oh wow - you have all inspired me - I am going to create an LO about my shoes ...

Stunning LO's girls - gorgeous interpretations ...

Love, Tracy G

Mia Castrillo said...

love all the layouts! ;-) great job everyone!

Ali said...

Timi, this is such a FUN LO! I love the flowers with the darker centres... and I see BUTTONS! (yay!!) That pink floral girly pp is so much fun! Love that u also included the shoe sizes, GREAT job, and TYFS...
Lynette, tan and blue are the perfect colours for boy LO's IMO! (I have 3 boys.) This looks perfect as it is understated and the focus is on those CUTE pics! The reference about ur boys being 'Daddies now' choked me up...**sniff, sniff** doesn't the time fly? Cliche, but honestly, 1985 doesn't seem very long ago to me... but it's been awhile, hasn't it?
Janis, Awwww: Nat is definitely a little princess! Look at her crown! It "fits" perfectly with the subject and her smile. The flourishes look awesome, pink is the perfect choice here... the bling too. WTG! This made me smile this morning! Love the journaling reference to "melting hearts of steel."

WTG gals!! ~ Ali
(Stefanie, TY for posting my LO,too !)