Sunday, 16 November 2008

Mia introducing challenge 44.

Just for fun how about a LO about shoes... be creative and inspired by the teams creations. Journaling: The shoe bandit strikes again. Dressed in her pyjamas all ready for bed. Who would have thought that she would take another adventure in Tita Ovvian's room and swipe the most coveted shoes? Waddling and struggling to balance herself with the shoes almost twice her own shoe size, the bandit is apprehended and sent off to bed with tickles and giggles. Indeed there is no telling when she will strike. So beware!


Ali said...

LOL, this has happened here too! Raya is so cute, one year olds are fun when they pull these silly stunts. Loved the colours anbd the creative journaling had me giggling... I am a stripe fan so that made it even better! LOL. WTG!

Tracy said...

Too cute!!!

Love, Tracy G

QueenTracy said...

Fun layout!!!