Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Shannon's challenge 42.

"it's funny because i feel like everyday is my busiest day! each day no matter how much i try to stick to our set routine - it always runs off course somehow...a few extra snooze alarms can set the whole day off course....or getting stuck at a light...or forgetting something i needed at the store and having to run back out....or getting distracted by something...as i so easily am it seems these days....i can already feel the pressures of the upcoming holidays and of upcoming changes that are going to happen whether i want them to or not...and it just seems like things are going to move much faster and things will grow more busy...and i wonder if i'll feel like life is passing me by with all these busiest of days... i almost feel overwhelmed by the thought of it. then i wonder if it's right to feel this way? am i alone in these vast mix of emotions? i hope i'm not passing these faults onto Patrick and Mackie. i don't want to feel unsure or anxious - or thrown off by the littlest thing like i am - but it seems i am unable to fix these personal faults - at least i can recognize it - so i'm sort of better off than i thought? and though my days seem busy - each and everyday - it feels good to know that at least i'm here to enjoy the blur that is life as i know it right now...november 1 2008"


Nicole Drewniak said...

I can understand that overwhelming feeling you are talking about. Seems like everything is going by too fast! Your down to earth journaling is great. :0)

Ali said...

This is awesome. I can relate too! Great job and TY for taking up the Challenge... Love the title and the flowers are super! :o) ~Ali