Thursday, 6 November 2008

Marisha's busy day.

"When I'm on the go, it seems as if I'm running to and fro all day! I'm here and there and back again. Some days are waaay busier than others, and needless to say, more draining. Those days are jammed packed with "need to do's", "should have dones", and of course those "urgent do now!" things. It's on days like that this that everything gets done somehow or someway, and I'm left still at the end of the day trying to figure out how I managed to do it all. I manage to hit the gym, feed the cats, eat breakfast while checking emails and return all my missed phone calls, demolish that pile of dishes that magically appeared out of nowhere, cleanout the refrigerator, takeout the trash, do loads of laundry like they're hot potatoes being passed from washer to dryer, vacuum, dust, and scrubadubdub the bathroom and even make the bed. Take a 2 second breather. Then I'm off to wrapping up work related tasks, scrambling to finish the last details on class assignments, zooming off to class- realizing that the tank is one E and that I have to fill up on the way, grab Starbucks to help me stay awake during a boring lecture, and then I'm heading back home- stopping by the grocery store with list in hand. Then I'm off again, unloading and putting away groceries, while cooking dinner. Finally I sit down to enjoy a meal, and watch an episode of one of my favorite tv sitcoms, but pass out within the first half of the show. What a day!"

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Ali said...

WOW that IS quite a day! Great journaling, too! TY for doing the Challenge!! :O)