Thursday, 20 November 2008

Marisha's shoes LO.

The journey in my shoes has been quite an interesting one to say the least. I have followed in big footprints and even managed to make some of my own along the way. I have jumped many hurdles, overcome numerous obstacles placed before me, U-turned from a few dead ends, and of course walked through some open doors. These shoes have been there to walk me through the endings of relationships and the beginnings of many friendships. They’ve marched me through racial barriers, moved me through my sad valleys, and helped me climb the mountains of hope over and over again. They helped me to stand my ground when challenged with injustice. They’ve kept me walking forward when I often wanted to turn and run back. They often led me to the light when I wanted to hide in the darkness. Yet, they’ve also been there when I jumped for joy, skipped along, and even when I danced off beat. They’ve truly endured a long trip, yet still managed to provide me with comfort every step along the way. These shoes have walked me through an amazing journey, and I cannot wait to see how they’ll pace me to my wonderful future.


Lynette said...

I love the journalling...makes me want to take pics of my feet and tell the story about them.

Mia Castrillo said...

Great journaling, Marisha! :-)

Sueli Colbert said...

Hi Stef,
Thanks for your visit at my Blog and for your comment.
I don't know why you did not obtain to add your blog in my "Follower Blog" ????... but, I am thankful for you to try.
Well, about my Stamps, you will find these visible numbers also in the zip file.
Sorry for my english.
Kisses and thanks again,
Sueli Colbert

QueenTracy said...

WOW! So many things I like about this layout. First of all, great photo! I love the way you wrapped "walk" around the toe. Love the patterned paper and the journaling is fab too!

Tracy said...

I second that WOW!!

Your journalling is incredibly inspirational - I kind of want to try and "walk in your shoes" for a bit and visit those fab places you talk about (of course, the harder journeys are par for the course too) ...

Well done!!!

Love, Tracy G