Sunday, 2 November 2008

Challenge 42 : my busiest day

This challenge is brought to you by Ali.

journaled on the page about a PART of my busiest day. The actual minute by minute ACCOUNT of 2.5 hrs in my day is folded with the edge decorated and sits in the pocket on the LO. A person can read it if they take it out. It is a very mundane read, LOL; those little minutes and moments of life...but so important to capture! I admit it was satisfying to jot it all down and read it later on! LOL :o)

The silver Paua shell turtle charm is a bit of symbolism... helps me remember to slow down. I am a Virgo and a perfectionist and as a Mom to 4 with my MS I need to learn to slow it down a bit. I know this but it is VERY hard for me to practise. So by putting this little charm on the LO, near the heart, I gave myself that gentlest of reminders. Pete understood right way when he saw it...

The actual journaling says:

While typing up “my busiest day,” I chose to detail a weekday, and only ‘til noon! (See inside pocket.) A day’s work is crammed into the few weekday hours between arising & lunchtime. In reality, my marathon-worthy effort is expended between 6:00 AM & 8:30 AM. It can be quite overwhelming to get 4 children off to school. Add in some special needs for both Mom & the youngest child, & you’ll understand why I have developed a routine & stick to it! My goal every weekday is to have each of my children go off to school happy. I feel good knowing that I can do this by myself, even though it can be physically tough. I manage it pretty well with some organized planning. Whew!
We’re all busy people. Every one of us wears a lot of hats and does a lot of things in the course of a day.

Why not let us all in?

Tell everyone about “your busiest day…” or some aspect of your busiest day. It could be at home, at work, at play, or any combination. It could be a certain day of the week that’s just BUSY.

Tell us why it’s busy, if you like.

Who’s involved in your busy day? What technology do you use throughout your day… does it help simplify things?
Do you take a break during your busy day? If so, what do you do?

You could even give us a moment by moment accounting of one aspect of your BUSIEST DAY… it’s up to you!!

Sound like fun? Now, GET BUSY! (LOL, j/k)


Nicole Drewniak said...

Great challenge Ali! I love the purple and the pic of you and Noah! :0)

Tracy said...

Great job, Ali - you need to slow down - I am tired just reading what you accomplish in a day ... tee hee ...

Love, Tracy G

Ali said...

Thanks NIcole & Tracy!