Sunday, 9 November 2008

Nicole's challenge 42.

This year everything seems to be going in fast forward, especially now that school has begun. With the kids being older, there are more extracurricular activities and I am trying desparately to fit it all in for them and me. That translates into a lot of time spent being as a chaffeur for everyone. The worst day of the week is what I call Psycho Tuesday. I take Dominique to school, then Gabriel, then back to Dominique’s school to help with the reading program. After that it’s a quick dash home to get on top of work for a spell before heading back out to pick up Gabriel and make lunch.
The afternoon is spent running errands, tending to Gabriel, picking up Dominique, doing homework and making supper before she needs to go to jazz class and I go out to my ballet/stretch class. Thank goodness for my daily planner or nothing would ever get done! Sometimes I get stressed out, especially when I realize things are only going to get busier once Gabriel begins participating in organized sports as well. It will be worth it though. I feel that what they will gain through these activities will far outweigh the temporary craziness that we are going through now.

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Ali said...

Oh my land Nicole, I am sooo where you are! LOL. We are in a parallel universe, I SWEAR!

We have "Crazeee Tuesdays" as you know. Funny that they are the same day.
I don't know HOW you do it all. Good on ya girl. You're amazing- and the chauffering only gets more complex... I have actually learned to love driving!

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on all this-- and you're right, it is ALL so worth it. I really loved the rectangular "columns" of photos, and the clocks- plus the question mark... that says it ALL eh? Your work is amazing. TY for doing my challenge! ;O) GREAT job.