Friday, 7 November 2008


This isn't my week to have a submission for challenge 42, however I wanted to say that no matter how busy our lives are we need to ALWAYS take time to appreciate beauty in our everyday busy-ness.
My niece took this photo of a pelican flying in front of Table Mountain, I may be biased here but as a Capetonian this is beautiful to me. Then this is a LO I did for Kim's challenge, we had to use 5 patternend papers and the title "amaze".
After a chat with her and being prompted and inspired I actually did it.
My son is 12 and he wrote this poem for English this year.

The wish of a tree.

The tree once a seed
is now so tall,
it’s wish to become famous
and known to all.

But when struck down
in around 30BC.
The once great wish
left the mind of the tree.

It was sawed quite smoothly
and sanded quite rough
to become 2 planks,
A boat and a trough.

The animal trough
was sent very far away,
until the Messiah
was laid in it one day.

The boat was sent to Galilee.
From which Jesus
calmed the storm
and the sea.

The two planks were cut
and together were nailed
to hold the king of Kings
whose hands and feet were impaled.

So the once tall tree’s
wish has now come true.
You can read it in the Bible
and in this poem too.


Tracy said...

Oh wow!!! What an amazing piece of poetry ... As much as I love to write I certainly couldn't write that (and I don't know whether or not my 12-year old could do it either) ... what a clever boy!!!

Love the LO ... you are getting way too good - that mojo of yours is working so well ...

Love, Tracy

Tracy said...

P.S. I thought the Pelican was a plane ... tee hee ...

Gorgeous photo and you are so right!! - beauty is before and within all of us ... (oooh, that was pretty poetic - maybe I CAN do this poetry thing ... NOT ... tee hee ...

Love, Tracy

Ali said...

LOVE that "Amaze" Lo...BEAUTIFUL! Has your son ever heard the song "Three Tall Trees?" It is a fave of mine- I sang it in church several times years ago when ,my soprano was no SOOOO out of practice. ... Very special. I will see if I can locate the lyrics for you to read... WELL DONE, both poem and LO... and I ALSO thought that Pelican was a plane, Stef! LOL: I HAVE to be an Air Force spouse! LOL! Yes, you're right, we need to take the time to apprciate things-- the littlest things are important too. xx-A

Nicole Drewniak said...

Oh, oh, oh!! That poem is fantastic--huge kudos to your son!