Saturday, 27 September 2008

Joanne and Mia's secrets.

Seriously I get myself into so many situations that I don't want to be in!
Just because I can't say no.

Journaling: I love this picture of my two older girls. They seem to be sharing something they don't want the world to know. Some secret that's just between the two of them. I love watching them whispering to each other then giggling afterwards. I always wonder what they are talking about. I'm glad they have each other to share their secrets with.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just curious, but when are you guys drawing the winner of the September contest sponsored by Scrapbookers Clubhouse? I am anxious to see who won....(can't you tell =)
Thanks ahead of time!

Liza said...

Joanne and Mia, love your layouts!
I understand what you mean by getting in trouble with those secrets sometimes Joanne.
And Mia, your girls are really so adorable!

Nicole Drewniak said...

Love all the different styles of text you used Joanne!

Super journaling and colour scheme Mia!