Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Shannon and Nicole's : grouchy's.

Shannon’s grouchy journaling.
the word "grouchy" doesn't even begin to describe you two when you are asked to vacate the bed for the night - do you see that terrible skunk eye staring back at us? Or the complete "I can't hear you if I'm not looking at you," from Cinna....spoiled, spoiled have no reason to be grouchy! August 2008

For those who p*****d me off...I salute you!To *** who slagged me all over the internet and to anyone who would listen: guess what? Being a so-called 'Christian' and going to church on Sunday, does not make it okay to be an asshole the rest of the week.To ***for being a backstabbing opportunistic bitch. I should have went with my gut and walked away as soon as I met you. Lesson learned.To all the people who used me time and time again and didn't appreciate the things I did for them. It's over. Stand on your own 2 feet and organize your life like everyone else has to. Quit expecting me to bail you out because of lousy decisions you made.To all the people who think my job is a 'cute' hobby and don't realize the time and effort I put in Every Single Day.To all these and anyone else who jerked me around or ticked me off...I salute you!


Anonymous said...

OMG Nicole! I LOVE your LO! How completely different from so many of the sugar coated LO's you see these days! Two big thumbs up!

Simply-Mel said...

I love this 'toxic'LO Nicole. And agree with Mom2Five - time to unveil some home truths!

Ali said...

GREAT JOB Nic! You tell 'em!!
~ Ali

Ali said...

Shannon, this is GREAT! We have critters too. They aren't allowewd on the bed... but boy, they sure WANT their spots BESIDE it! And, do NOT try to move them! I just love everything about this LO - title, colours, pp choices and those CUTE silly grouches! Super work. ~Ali