Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Oops! more everyday LO's

This one is from Tracy K, celebrating the little things that make a day special.
Title: Day of the Duck
Journaling: It was just an ordinary day at the park and then it appeared. A duck. Just as interested in the boys as they were in her. They sat and stared for the longest time and then the moment was gone. It made an ordinary day a little "extra" ordinary! Summer 2005

Sorry Mia, this "thriller" of yours got filed in the wrong place and so overlooked until now.

Journaling: Funny but true! Alyssa is calmed by the songs of Michael Jackson and mesmerized by his videos. When she gets fussy, all we do is put on MJ's dvd and she stops crying instantly. She is also lulled to sleep by "Rock With You" and "Billie Jean." What a funny baby! Alyssa - 7 months

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Ali said...

Tracy K. and Mia, I sooo enjoyed each of those LO's. Wonderful job. :o)