Sunday, 5 October 2008

More challenge 37 : Secrets.

From Liza:Title: Big Bro Fanatic

Who would have thought that a guy like you will stand by every night, waiting for what will happen to each of the boarders in that house. Everyday, no one can watch the TV between 9:30pm - 10pm. You were glued to the screen. You even went to the extent of dropping by "their" house. A Big Brother fan indeed! I'm sure you'll find it amusing that I am now sharing to everyone your not so secret fascination!



The sun is warm
You are in the chilly, but oh so perfect, water at the WaveHouse
You are with your mates
You have no worries
You are having FUN

In the future (distant, I hope and not very often) you will have days that are NOT SO PERFECT – I hope you will remember the times when LIFE WAS PERFECT – when all you had to worry about was whether the next wave would be the PERFECT wave or whether you could pull off another PERFECTLY CRAZY STUNT in the water and BONUS! – if some girls were watching while you while your perfectly crazy stunt was executed ….

These are the DAYS of miracle and wonder, my BOY – but here’s the SECRET ….

These days can be everyday, forever – your attitude will determine how your day turns out … your attitude towards YOURSELF, towards those around you and how you deal with {LIFE} everyday … Embrace it and remember to “smile and wave, boys … smile and wave!!!”

That’s my {SECRET} to a PERFECT DAY … ssshhh – don’t tell anyone .. tee hee … let it be {OUR} secret …


From Tracy K:

Title: Shh! Don't tell, but I *heart* infomercials.
Journaling: Yeah. It's sad, but so true! I love infomercials. I rarely buy from them, but I seriously like to watch. Love the Magic Bullet, that vacuum bag thing, the grills, Oxy clean everything and that miracle iron that steams clothes on the hanger. I wonder if there's a support group for this...My brothers love them too.

:-) HELP!


Tracy said...

Great Job, girls!! I guess the "SECRETS" are now OUT ...

Love, Tracy G

Liza said...

Tracy G. & Tracy K., love both your layouts! You're right, the secrets have now spilled out. LOL!

Nicole Drewniak said...

Love your "secrets"! Don't you feel better getting that off your chests? LOL

Pattern Paper Addict said...

Awesome LOs ladies! Glad I didnt have to spill the beans- hehe.

And Tracy G, I love those letters you used in the title- what company are they by? They're just gorgeous.

Tracy said...

Hi Pattern paper Addict

I simply covered some naked chipboard letters with a patterned paper by Scenic Route

BTW, I have about 4500 sheets of paper and I'm still counting ... sick I tell you ...

Love, Tracy G