Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Shannon's family tree.

Our family tree is an interesting one, just like everyone else's....it's also pretty ordinary just like everyone else's. We come from Poland, Russia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany and Czechoslovakia! Do we have any shady history? I doubt it. Royal bloodlines? Unless we were shamed into exile, I'm betting - probably not.

My guess is we came from hard working people who did everyday jobs....and that's ok with me.....because they had the wisdom, strength and courage to pass these traits and skills along to your great-great grandparents (on my side anyways) - they were no longer satisfied with these jobs, lives, circumstances and persevered against all the challenges that the early 1900's posed. They were brave enough to leave all they ever knew and begin anew in a new world where things weren't easy, safe or cozy....and they did this for you and for me....so we would have opportunity, free worship, possibly love and happiness.

I've mentioned it before to you and I know I'll mention it to you again...always know where you came from and ALWAYS be proud of that...it's something that will help shape who you become....you'll be able to find comfort knowing that they made it through major struggles and you will too....knowing that you are loved and cherished and supported by strong family roots...rich in history and strength of sacrifice. <3 - momma girl


Tracy said...

Hi Shannon

I love how you have made sure your children know where they come from and that they are proud of being who they are because of who their ancestors were!!!

Love, Tracy G

Ali said...

Amazing journaling-- this is such a heartfelt and special piece of art. Beautiful!