Saturday, 6 September 2008

Challenge 34: from Tracy K.

We all have bad moments....bad days....bad weeks...bad jobs....that just make us grouchy. Sometimes there's a reason we can trace and other times the grouch-bug just sneaks up and bites us on the butt. For this challenge write about a bad day, a bad experience or something that just makes you GROUCHY!

Journaling Reads: You can shift from happy to grumpy in three second flat. Sometimes its because you are not getting your way. That can't happen all the time. You'll learn to make good choices eventually, but for now you have to trust our judgement. Sometimes the grouchiness comes from being disappointed. Sometimes its just there for no reason. Just grouchy. I wish I knew how to ease this for you. No matter what, Mr. Grouchy Pants, we love you and always will.
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Please note:
I am posting this challenge a little early as I will be away next weekend so will push all the postings forwards to give more time to complete the September challenge.
Challenge 33 :Super powers is due by Sunday 7th Sept midnight GMT
Challenge 34 :Grouchy is due by Sunday 14th September midnight GMT.

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