Friday, 26 September 2008

challenge 37: secrets.

I am really battling with blogger tonight and can't access and change things like I want to.
However I am revealing challenge 37 to you.
It is from our very own Nicole.
My challenge: Do you have a secret?
Is it something lighthearted and silly like your secret love of the Spice Girls or it is something deeper and darker?
Has a secret that was revealed changed the course of your life?
Or do you not believe in secrets?
Journaling: Sometimes it really sucks to be small. Sometimes it means missing out on going on really cool rides that your older sister gets to go on while you have to wait. Sometimes it means we have to take matters into our own hands and make you 'grow'. How? With a little help from some folded maps and napkins, we jacked up your shoes so you'd meet the height requirements (you were soooo close on your own we had to do something!). It was totally cute how you knew we were breaking the rules a bit. You kept saying, 'I've go secrets in my shoes!' That's right, baby. Now shhh! And let's ride!

We do have a sponsor for October so all entrants will be in with a chance.
Every LO sent in for any of the October weekly challenges will have a ticket in the draw.
Unfortunately I will be AWOL for a week and unable to update the blog.
You can still send your submissions to me at
I will post the teams LO tomorrow providing that blogger plays along.
To all our SA readers and team members, have a good week's school holidays....

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Laura T. said...

OK - this is a good one. Let's see do I have a secret (that I can share)????