Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Marisha's family tree

I’ve been asked to create my family tree many times in my life while I was in school. I dreaded it more and more with each time. It’s hard to create a family tree when some of your tree limbs have been “cut off”. On each side of the family our branches have a limited reach. They don’t span out like some families’. Some of our branches stop abruptly because various things such as adoption and rape have prevented us from knowing who some of our relatives are. And as if connecting the limbs of my tree wasn’t difficult enough, at times I would get stuck on trying to decide whether I should create the tree out of the individuals who I consider to be my family or those that are biologically my family. You see, creating a tree is not an easy task for everyone, and I’ve come to accept that my kind of family is tree is different compared to others. Mine is rooted in support rather than genetics alone. And in my eyes, my sister and I represent the fruit of our family tree. And my hope is that one day our seeds will help our family tree to grow into a mighty oak like tree with supportive roots and many branches that are nourished by love. One day.


Tracy said...

Wow, Marisha, I have never thought of a Family Tree the way you have explained it here - yours may be different but it is obviously still steeped in love and caring, which is what family is all about.

I love that you are thinking of your seeds being passed on and growing into a MIGHTY OAK - beautiful analogy, girl!!!

Love, Tracy

Simply-Mel said...

Beautiful, articulate and sensitive journalling. Well done. Oh, and I love the pic - you guys radiate love and affection.

Ali said...

Very very special LO, pic and journaling---> well done!


nice journaling. touching.

we also have what i like to call a 'jerry springer' family. a modern family. but, it doesn't matter. the fact that you have someone who loves you, that is what matters.

i once read 'friends are family you choose...'

jacki janse van rensburg

Nicole Drewniak said...

You said it all so eloquently! You tree analogy is just super and did I mention I just love your page design? :0)