Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shayne's challenge 74

"Remember this day?  When I decided to test out new cupcake toppings for Valentine’s and Easter.  Remember how irritated I got because Olivia wanted to help me every 5 minutes?  Remember how Dean and Daniella wasted no time in offering their suggestions? Remember how I snapped at everyone to leave me alone so that I could just get on with what I wanted to do?
Remember?  And then remember how excited everyone was when they saw the
outcome of my    creativity?  Remember how scrummy they tasted?  Remember?
 24 Jan 2010"


La grande cupcake said...

Yum! Love it!!

Two Shades of Pink said...

Stefanie, I am stopping by to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I used to be a scrapper pre-kids but I am sadly so detrail oriented that it takes me 3 hours to do one page. And if I abandon it, I will never finish it. Just how i am wired. I need to start and finish it the same day. Soooooo...what I did not say in my recipe cookbook tip is that I have always wanted to scrapbook a cookbook that I will give to my girls when they leave the nest. I bet you would do something spectacular! After peeking in on you here, I am inspired to pick up an old hobby! Thanks sweet friend!

Tracy said...

Oh, I love this Shayne ... not only the LO and the journaling BUT those yummylicious looking cakes too .... I heard via the via that you were the Chief Baker in Stutts and now I see why ... YOU GO GIRL!!

Love, Tracy G

Melissa W. said...

Wow! Amazing looking cupcakes and I love the journaling too!

Liza said...

That's so cute and yummy Shayne! Love the journal!