Monday, 1 February 2010

Challenge 73.

here are a few reasons behind my love for you.
 1. Your  generosity~ which when you marry that with your frugal nature  is even more amazing.
I think you really would give us the last shirt off your back.
2. Your ability to plan and make arrangements ~whether it is an overseas trip, a weekend away, my car servicing, keeping all our passports updated and current, our financial affairs.
3. Your love for me, even when I am moody, fat, depressed, lazy, or just weary.
You will encourage me and often compliment me. Your acceptance of all those things that matter to me. Like the 4 cats we have and my scrapbooking addiction.
4. Your love for your children. nuff said.
5. Your willingness to help me. From putting up pictures, to painting the walls the colours I have chosen, to relocating spiders, to covering school books, to nipping to the shops for lemon and herb sauce, to getting my car washed.
6. Your bubbling sense of humour - unless it is directed at me. I love to hear you say "you make me laugh".
7. Your faithfulness, reassurances and steadfastness, one of the things that drew me to you initially was the way you are always the same, usually chirpy, seldom sulky...unlike me.  You remind me often that I still do it for you.
8. Your strength, both physically and emotionally.
9. Your love of my cooking: from poached eggs, chicken salad, cheese sandwiches to three course dinners, pot roasts, gammon and potjies.
10. Your  good manners and consideration, whether it's letting me go through the doorway first, to closing my car door, you are 
the perfect gentleman.


La grande cupcake said...

Fabulous! What a great challenge!

Liza said...

that is such a sweet journal stefanie! i am sure there's a lot more reasons. thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

What a wonderful man! :) You're quite lucky, but you know that!! :)

Tracy said...

Yes, you DO know how lucky you are ... thank you for sharing your special relationship with us ...

Love, Tracy G

Helen Tilbury said...

This is lovely & the journaling is really special too...& I love your use of BG papers ;-D