Saturday, 13 February 2010

Helen's challenge 73.

Shane – you make a great father – I know you know this already but never doubt your abilities & try to overcome your reserve if I am not around for those one-on-one chats that aren’t really your “thing” – you know that communication is key & that I believe in 100% honesty when it comes to the kids questions – no matter how awkward they may be.  Remember we don’t want them to grow up with any hang-ups.  The best we can do for them is send them out into the world with a clean slate – ready to face life head-on without any disadvantages.  I want you to be happy & don’t expect you to mope around – I need you to be strong for the kids.  Make time for yourself too – you deserve it & would be a real catch – go for it – if I’m not around one day I don’t expect you to mourn me forever.  You have my blessing!
Chellie – you are the eldest – of course you know that & I realise that you resent it at times, but I am counting on you to keep everyone together & not let anyone stray.  I want you all to remain friends forever, it’s not too much to ask, you need to keep the lines of communication open & forgive if necessary.  Remember that this is the way God wants it to be.  Never lose your Faith or question God argumentatively – just accept that he knows what is best for you. Try to live out of his will & you will bear the consequences–please pray for that not to happen – please! Keep your gentle nature & be patient with your younger siblings. Trust your heart & find your happiness – keep searching & you will find your passion.  I know we fight at times but I utterly adore you & have always loved you to bits & pieces!
Jackie Boy – I know that you are dying to spread your wings & get out there & live your life! I hope I get to see it all & experience at least some of it with you.  You know your Dad & I have great hopes for your future & the Lord does too.  Just remember to stay in God’s will & he will make all your paths straight & open up all the right doors for you if your heart is right with him.  Be good to Chel & Bing & Cam, even though they exasperate you at times. You are great in a crisis & always handle things so competently.  At times you may need to take charge & be the man of the house – I have 100% faith in your abilities & am counting on you to keep everyone on the straight & narrow – including yourself!  Know that you have filled me with so much pride & joy so far that at times my heart has felt close to bursting!
Bingy – You are the sweetest little man alive – everyone who knows you immediately picks up on your gentle spirit.  Stay humble & remember our saying “Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?”  God has made you the way you are for a reason.  Who cares if “the populars” don’t see your light shining?  It is their loss & I know that one day you will find a wife with a beautiful heart just like yours & become a wonderful & caring father.  Always stay as undemanding as you are – that way any blessings you receive will fill you with the same joy they do now.  Just be a good boy & keep that soft heart!  Your time to shine is still to come & I have every confidence in you & your amazing creative & mathematical abilities.  You are a genius waiting to be discovered – just keep on thinking outside the box!
Cam – Remember you are the coolest little girl on earth & big things await you. Your beauty is phenomenal & it will take you far, but remember that it’s the heart that counts & true happiness comes from within.  Be bold & have faith in yourself & God.  You don’t need to be good at everything, just be excellent at what you do well.  I am so proud that you are the best reader in the family & I love that you immerse yourself in “Princess Poppy” books almost daily & prefer to spend money on them rather than anything else.  Whatever you become remember that you are loved, cherished, adored by all your family & that you have brought me more joy than I can even try to explain.  Never cease to find wonder in the simple things like your love of swimming & the beach.  Be good for Chel - listen to her & don’t be lazy! 


tania said...

Beautiful Journaling and layout:)

Tracy said...

Great job, Helen ...

Shannon said...

It's just beautiful, layout and especially the journaling! :) You really answered the call of the challenge. Awesome job girl!