Friday, 5 February 2010

Nicole's challenge 73.

It's hard to believe that I've known you for almost 1/2 my life.  It seems like yesterday that we met and I was telling everyone you were the most charming man I'd ever met.  And it didn't hurt that I thought you were cute too.
     You became my best friend and I could tell you the secrets that I never told anyone else.  You loved me without reservation.  I lived for your phonecalls and letters.  They were the fuel that kept us going while we were so far apart.
     We've built a good life together and still say "I love you" everyday.  The intensity of our romance is gone but the embers of that fire still glow.  There is no one else I'd ever want to be with.  You'll always be the one for me.


Tracy said...

Great job, Nicole ... thanks for sharing your special relationship with us ...

Love, Tracy G

Shannon said...

Such a nice layout and all the heartfelt thoughts and kindness you share is so awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!