Friday, 12 February 2010

Shannon's challenge 73.

The journaling reads:

I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out things.....and so far I haven't found many frustrates me that I’m still spending so much time trying to gain "your" approval, trying to "look" the way i should because it makes "you" happy....I’m sorry that I can't make my hair look the way "you" like it...what do I have to do to make each one of the "you's" in my life happy? I would love it if you just let me be who i am....with my unfortunate size, hair and apparent lack of achievement....maybe just maybe....I am ok the way I am....maybe the answer to all of "your" constant nagging and backhanded compliments....and "correcting helpfulness" is that I just ignore it....keep going and be patient...maybe just be myself and try to love my imperfect self....knowing that I was created for a matter how insignificant that reason is...a, I here to save the world? probably not....but my imperfect life is making a difference to someone somewhere...seen or unseen...I can change things like my hair, my weight, my outlook...but only you can change the way "you" look at me, treat me, talk to me....and I’m letting you know this because I love you....and hope that you love me enough to listen. 2-2010


Helen Tilbury said...

Here here Shannon - just be you - God loves you in your imperfectness & is far more concerned with inside than out. People are far too vain for their own good these days. I would hate to be perfect!

Tracy said...

This is awesomely powerful, Shannon ... you sound so very strong in this and I admire your strength and wisdom in accepting you for who you are ... that's the only way it will work for you ... well done!!!

Love, Tracy G