Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Cabbie's challenge 61.

my favorite subject is spelling. it's really nice to spell words and to know their meanings too! whenever the teacher has some new words, i get so excited and would study them immediately!


Helen Tilbury said...

Cool layout Cabbie...and I admire your use of that Just Chillin' paper - I had to come up with a class using the stuff & it ain't easy to work with!

marianne said...

Really wonderful layouts and prompts on this site! This is my first time submitting.

Here's my LO

Journaling on the back says:
Sometimes, I fight to right a wrong. Sometimes, I fight because there needs to be a change. I fight because I feel unappreciated. Sometimes. fighting becomes all I know how to do to make myself feel heard and understood. That's when I fight just to fight. I forget how to get back to the love. I must surrender then. I made a promise to love my husband, not fight with him.