Sunday, 3 August 2008

Tracy introducing challenge 30.

Challenge: This week's challenge is two fold. First, think of a phrase or expression that you say all the time.
-Journal about why you use it or when, where you heard it, etc...
-Now using that personal phrase as the focus of your journaling use your own handwriting as the vehicle to express it.

Title: Ya Think?
Journaling reads: Ya think? This phrase pops out of my mouth all the time. It has replaced "duh!", "you kidding?" and others. Don't know when I started using it. Must have been while watching "Friends". Ya think?

A little bit about her:

Tracy King is a music teacher, mom and preacher's wife. She lives in a small rural town in Southeast Missouri. Tracy has been scrapbooking for about four years and describers herself as an ecclectic scrapper. "I like to experiment with different styles and trends in scrapbooking. The only thing that is consistent with me is that I tend to add a bit of sarcasm and humor to my creations." Tracy claims to be a blog stalker and loves perusing blogs for inspiration for journaling, page ideas, new paper crafting techniques and photography tips. She finds great inspiration in viewing the world from her 8 year old's eyes. "I view journaling as an integral and necessary part of every scrapbook page. I'm honored to share my work with you here and hope that it inspires you to record your own stories."


Nicole Drewniak said...

I love how inject humor into your work and being a Friends fan, this is just awesome! Two thumbs up!

Liza said...

that is just a fun layout tracy! great sense of humor! love this!

Pattern Paper Addict said...

Cute LO! I luv the phrase! I might start using that one. lol

Ali said...

Tracy this is great, it made me LOL, 'cause I use that expression too! Humour is so important in our lives. I loved that pic of you too!! Great job.

QueenTracy said...

Thanks guys! I think these unusual topics are fun to scrapbook. If for no other reason than when I'm old and have forgotten...this page will be there to remind me. *smiling*