Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Mel's : what time will you be home?

Phrase : What time will u be home?

This phrase falls out of my mouth daily. Pretty much as soon as Dad leaves the house...pathetic huh? Lets face it though, life alone with 3 small kids can get tough so I always need an eta...something to work towards.

Its certainly getting easier as you kids get older. A year ago I was a basket case if Dad was 10minutes late. Now I can manage with little fall-out but its always disappointing when I don't hear that Astra pulling up the drive around 6pm.

It's not just me who waits on tender-hooks for Dad - just look at the great enthusiasm as you guys rush to meet him. And can you see the look of love and joy on his face as he sees you charging up to him?

You guys are so blessed to have this guy as your Dad!


Joanne said...
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QueenTracy said...

Aw! What sweet journaling! Love it!