Friday, 8 August 2008

Liza's : chumz!

Chumz! A word I acquired from my friend and officemate Agnes. I don’t know how it all started but it just really caught on amongst us. If there’s something we like, chumz! If you did something good, chumz! It’s a positive affirmation and it makes the mood lighter. So, scrapbooking about this is actually chumz!


Nicole Drewniak said...

I've never heard this expression before but I like it so Chumz to you too! :0)

QueenTracy said...

and a little chumz from me too! Great layout!

Mia Castrillo said...

Chumz to you too! LOL :-) I love how you filled the star with buttons. Such a great idea!

Ali said...

What a fun word: "Chumz." LOL!

Love the way you positioned your title. Looks great!