Saturday, 9 August 2008

Reader's roundup.

Thanks ladies for playing along and re-encouraging us to scrap and tell the story with photos.

This very striking LO from Yasu.
I can do it.
Here is a big boy now.
He finally finished his potty training when he was three and three month old.

“Don’t be such a besaur!”

When Daniel was just little, and learning to talk, he called dinosaurs “Besaurs” (pronounced bee-soars)… We thought it was so cute! Soon, we had all adopted this unique name for dinosaurs!

Over time (Daniel is now 8), the word “besaur” has evolved to mean that someone was being a GRUMP!!!

A grump, you say? No-one here is EVER a GRUMP!!
Now… “Don’t be such a BESAUR!”

This charming LO us from Ali McDonald. I'm thinking maybe "besaur" could be catchy...

This is mine. A digi quickpage from raspberry road designs with pics I downloaded from the internet and made black and white. This range of answers is often heard during my scrapbooking classes when the clients want me to make a choice I think they should make. Yep, whatever floats your boat...


QueenTracy said...

Wow! Great layouts you guys! Thanks for playing along!!!

Ali said...

Oh, wow, I enjoyed these so much! TY for sharing the "I can do it " and "Whatever...!" pages. This is truly what scrappin' is all about. WTG!

BTW,I must mention that my Besaur LO is based on Sketch #7 by Noella Arsenault over at "Creatively Yours". Link to sketch...

Nicole Drewniak said...

These are great! And I think the "besaur" is very catchy too!