Saturday, 2 August 2008

From our readers

Really, these photos tells a different story!

Who would realize that earlier, you were
having a fit!
You just wouldn’t go with any
of us, much less, have your photo taken.

Apparently, all you needed was to freshen up
a bit and this cute little bear to cheer you up!

The minute you had it in your arms, you
stopped crying and gamely posed for the camera.

“Say Hi! to the bear” and there you
were gladly waving your hand and looking
oh so adorable.
Thank you Mr. Bear
for brightening up Gabby’s day (er, night)!

Tita Liza, July 28 ‘08

My favourite childhood toy:
Let’s see, I think my absolute favourite must be the rag dolls I made when I was in my early teens. I found the pattern in one of my mother’s Woman’s Values and made quite a few. The best one I made was of a doll in a wedding dress. We had to do an oral about our hobbies when I was in Standard 6 and I took my dolls to school. The boys laughed at me and I was so upset that I got rid of all of them! I actually thought of making another one now that I am an adult, but I must admit that it no longer holds any appeal. My other favourites were paper dolls and puzzles. My sisters and I loved paper dolls so much that we used to make our own as well. We also made clothes for our “bought” paper dolls. I think life was much simpler in the 70’s. I prefer the way I grew up to the way my children are growing up today – more freedom.
From Anita


Nicole Drewniak said...

Love the story behind Mr. Bear and I really like all the small photos too!

Memories is wonderful and nostalgic! Super job!

QueenTracy said...

Wow! Great journaling!

4funboys said...

very impressive!!

I love your talent.

Thanks for sharing

Ali said...

Beautiful job Anita- BTW, I loved paper dolls too, and built a dollhouse with my Dad when I was 13!! The journaling's so awesome job.