Thursday, 28 August 2008

Stefanie's Challenge 32.

I really struggled to do these layouts and to do the topic justice as I do believe in a prayer answering, miracle working God.

However losing a baby in miscarriage at 11 weeks and then Sarah when she was only 15 days old was really tough, and I struggled with knowing that God had the power to intervene and to heal her, but He didn't.

Having said that our prayers were answered in so many other ways, (too many and too emotionally draining to go into here ) not the least of which was that she would go from my arms into Jesus' arms~ which she did Christmas Eve 14 years ago.

Journaling reads: I am trusting that I will see you again in heaven, that even though you arrived there before me I am still your Mommy and we will have eternity to spend time together.

(this was from digi stuff downloaded at The TOU is in French, so I hope that covers it)

Journaling reads: Even before I knew I was pregnant with you, I found a piece of paper outside my bedroom door with this Scripture verse on it;

Psalm 112:2b ...offspring shall be mighty upon the earth... This was a clear miracle as the paper had not been there when we went to sleep. It was my promise from God that you would thrive and be robust, the opposite of Sarah's "failure to thrive" syndrome that resulted in her premature death.

You, my little pink one, are a constant reminder of God's GRACE to me.

I love you and Him who gave you to me.

(this was a quickpage Annie Collection {RRD} by gonewiththewind)


ScrapFan {aka Simply-Mel} said...

Sjoe! This challenge has brought out much pain but much hope in us all. Thanks for sharing Stef, lovely digi's.

Anita said...


Nicole Drewniak said...

I am in tears reading these. I loved reading about your miracle and am so happy for you and your "little pink one". Tfs!

Melissa said...

These are incredible and so heartbreaking! Just beautiful!

Tracy said...

Yeah, these are the hard ones - the ones that make us strong and brave.

Thank you for sharing such a personal and painful story with us and may Heavenly Father continue to bless you with strength and faith ...

Love, Tracy G

Stefanie said...

Thanks ladies - I apreciate your encouragment and kind words.
God is good ALL THE TIME.

Ali said...

Stefanie, I have been in a similar emotional place twice. I am sending HUGE HUGZ all the way from Nova Scotia to you tonight. Your LO is gorgeous and so very heartfelt, it had me a teary-eyed as well... but in a good way, b/c we know we are never alone in this. ((HUGZ))~Ali

Liza said...

Your story Stef is a true testament that miracles do happen and it comes to all of us in His own time. Your courage in your time of adveristy gave me renewed hope. And I thank you for that.