Thursday, 17 January 2008

Tracy and Beverly's Take

Sorry about no post yesterday. Blogger would not let me upload a picture. It was acting strange.

Here is Tracy's take:

by Tracy King

3 birthdays in 2 differenc months
three extra value meals
3 toothbrushes
3 top scores on video games
3 ways to see the world
three sets of tennis shoes
three stockings at Christmas
3 Bibles on Sunday
3 kinds of pizza
3 to sing with the radio
3 smiles
married September 30th
3 tickets at the theater
3 hearts
3 different sodas
3 seatbelts
3 makes a family

Here is Beverly's take:

10 Things About Our Family (In No Particular Order).

1. We all have strong personalities, which means we don't always get on. Ourhouse can be a volatile place to live.

2. I do not love you all the same - You are not the same. I don't love anyone of you more or less than the others - just differently.

3. When it really counts, I know you will always be there for each other.This gives me peace of mind.

4. I am proud of our family and who we are.

5. You are all individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. Youshould celebrate those differences.

6. Sometimes I feel completely and totally overwhelmed by you all. Such isthe life of a mother of boys.

7. When I am apart from any of you for longer than a day or so I miss youterribly.

8. In your own ways you are all thoughtful, caring and kind.

9. I cherish the time we spend together - more so on the rare occasions whenit is all of us.

10. Mostly I am grateful to have you all in my life.


Lida said...

Great idea for the journaling, I love them both.

Ali said...

Tracy and Beverly- great job-- these are both superb LO's. :) TYFS and TY for the inspiration!

Colette Bate said...

ohhh, Tracy, I love how you used just one number and tied it to each of you ... brilliant! And, that black background just makes all yur colors really POP right off the screen!

What a fun page, Beverly! I think it's all the different fonts/styles/colors of your numbers that really got my attention. But, you hit a home run with your journaling ... really, really good work here, girl!

Nicole Drewniak said...

Fab job ladies! I thought I would play along too this week:


Stella said...

Fabulous LO! That is awesome Nicole!

Stella said...

Tracy, WOW!! I really really love how you are using these family pictures. Your pages are just so! Seriously, I always know that a page from you is going to be funny and just plain fun!

Beverly, I love that your journaling is just so heartfelt. So well thought out and so from the heart. Beautiful work ladies.