Saturday, 19 January 2008

Submissions for the Numbers challenge

I am totally loving this submission from Deanne Burton.

Thankful for...
the Little Things
1 alarm clock
2 cell phone
3 coffee mug
4 purse
5 photo albums
6 camera
7 house key
8 bottled water
9 cheque book
10 pens and pencils

Check out this page by our own Nicole Drewniak! I am so loving this. WOW! You gals amaze me with your creativity and talent!!!


Nicole Drewniak said...

I love this! Wtg Deanne!

Stefanie said...

Both of you have done an awesome job. Each is beautiful in a different way. TFS.

Lida said...

Love both layouts, and must do the numbers journaling is so much fun!

Scrappy said...

This is such a great layout Deanne! Love the colours, how you used the numbers, everything!!!!

Beverley Todd said...

Love them both! Deanne, I gotta learn to do the white space thing! this has inspired me.