Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Colette's Take

Here is Colette's take:

Journaling reads:

23 pieces of luggage
6 digital cameras
3 visiting elves
2 islands
1000's of dollars
17 days
2908 miles Phoenix to Honolulu

When twelve people fly to Hawaii for Christmas you have to expect a lot of airport hassle ... luggage, rental cars, security, lines, waiting ... the worst part of our trip. Christmas, '07.


Nicole Drewniak said...

Coolio!! Quick bits of info on a totally funky page! :0)

Lida said...

Cool layout and very cool journaling!

QueenTracy said...

Great layout!

Anonymous said...

Colette, you freakin' rock girl! Love this layout!!!

Stella said...

Ok, Colette, where did you get those journaling blocks? I want to know!!! They are gorgeous and I love what you did with that bubble wrap!