Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Nicole and Beverly's takes

Here is Nicoles Lo:

The journaling reads as follows:

Random stuff that makes me happy: 1. A new box of pencil crayons 2. The beach 3. Poutine 4. Timmy's 5. Art 6. Johnny Depp movies 7. Cookbooks 8. Photography 9. Scrap supplies

Here is Beverly's Take:

Journaling Reads:

It's All Good
Dad visited in March & October - so good to see him
Jane was here in February & December
Auryn's school concert - his first - I cried! LOL
Auryn's Nativity - he's changed so much this year
Friendship: This has been such a tough year. I didn't appreciate how many good friends I had until the flowers and messages of support came flooding in to help me thru.

This Was Bad
Fire at the store
3 break-ins at the store
Moved to new premises twice
Dean went away
Websites crashed & the back-ups were faulty
Audrey died unexpectedly

Yes, You Did That
- Blogrolled at Decopatch USA
- Mastered the Zencart software
- Became a top 50 blogger
- Learnt to use PowerPoint & made my first presentation
- DT place at Journaling Junkie
- DT place at My Creative Classroom
- Sister of the Week at Sisterhood of Scrap
- Blogrolled at QKD bloggers club

- Closed store Dec. 22nd
- Rebuilt online store
- Got my DT in place: June
- Went to trade show: Feb.
- Rusty Pickle event: April
- Did our first show: Sept.

What Next?
Start submitting my work to magazines again - I enjoyed that!
Keep searching for that elusive manufacturer DT place - I know it's out there.
Spend more time creating & less on planning/admin.
Build up my classes. Bigger numbers = I can carry on.
Build my Etsy shop. It's been empty too long!

On A Personal Note
Get the house in shape
Finances under control
Lose weight
More family time
Truce with Adam
Have more fun!!

These Things Will Change My Life ...
- I'm a FLY-baby
- Letting my brothers go
- Build bridges with A's family


Beverley Todd said...

Love yours Nicole. I do try to do 'clean' layouts but somehow all this stuff jumps right on the page! LOL

Colette Bate said...

ooohhhh, Nicole ... LOVE your bright colors and the organized design of your page. Besides, anyone who puts Johnny Depp on a list of faves gets my vote!! Great work!

Wow, Beverly ... you put the journaling in the journaling junkie. Tons of information on your page ... moving, honest, heartfelt. Stuff like this needs to be scrapped more often and you've done a wonderful job with yours. Let's hope 2008 is a good year!! You're off to a great start!

QueenTracy said...

The lists are great. I love me some Johnny Depp and and AND...I'm a fly-baby too! *smiling*

Ali said...

Nicole this is a beautiful LO. Crisp, bright and sharp-- I LOVE it!

Beverly, awesome job. The journaling is straight from the heart- Well done.