Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tonya's Take

Here is Tonya's take:

Journaling reads:

quote: Photography is my canvas and you are my art.

journaling: If it taks a million photos to show you how unique you are, then a million I will take. (Indy at 8 10/12)


QueenTracy said...

Tonya! I love this layout. Fun. Frank. Funky. Fabulous!

Colette Bate said...

I've got to agree with the Queen!! This IS funky! Wow, Tonya, the color palette you've used on this page ROCKS!! ohhhh, love the stamped diamonds, your little touch of zig zag stitching, the alphabet lace cardstock ... and just a touch of red paint to keep it spicy!! Love this!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, this is deeeep girl...very nice!! :)

Beverley Todd said...

Gotta love all of it! Just goes to show that sometimes just a couple of sentences says it all - Brilliant!