Monday, 31 May 2010

Readers roundup.

This one is from Melissa (isay), you can visit her blog here.

journaling reads:
I don’t know how can I do everything without any help,that is why I am so thankful to have a very supportive husband who still appreciate & love me even though I don’t cook. My “super” mom who helps me with babysitting, doing chores in the house & always so patient with me. To our neighbor who gives my son a ride to & from school. But still, with all the help sometimes I wish I have more time & energy to do more things.It is overwhelming sometimes working full time & being a mother of three kids but being a mom & a wife is my priority & the most important to me. I know I need time for myself too & these shoes are not for fashion at all & definitely need some serious makeover but these shoes are comfortable & it represents me as a hard worker & a dedicated, responsible mother and I am very much comfortable just being like that.

Just a reminder you have until middnight tonnight GMT to get your submissions in.
When we have 5 submissions in one month I do offer and RAK and will post internationally.

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Liza said...

great layout isay! love the journaling too. i like how you used the shoe visual to illustrate the things you do. great job!