Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Stefanie's challenge 79.

It is really difficult for me to choose a favourite room in our house. I love that our kitchen in the hub of our home. People gather there, pull up a chair and kuier so nicely. The sitting room is an extension of the kitchen. So often we park there when Dad comes home from work and enjoys his first cup of tea after his sojourn at the office. We often sit there and wait while Rosie finishes her food as well. I love that our bedrooms reflect our individual personalities. Then we have the dining room, that only gets used when we have more than 5 for a meal. But as that is where you computers sit- the room gets it’s fair share of time spent in it. The tv lounge with our new flat screen tv and HD PVR, the coricraft couch cushions that enfold us and the various tv remotes at will. And lastly my studio, I love this space too. My computer and all my scrappy goodness resides here. Ok so I do teach from home, but truthfully I would use this room even if it were only for me.
I love my home, it is comfortable, welcoming and our haven from the outside world.

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jennifer said...

I love the slice shots of your rooms, it feels like we get a real glimpse into your home and lifestyle. It's great you like all your house so much!