Friday, 28 May 2010

Tracy's challenge 80.

Ok, so here’s the thing – I’m an awful time manager … There!  I’ve said it!!  I know the theory of time planning but I just don’t put it into practise – crazy, right??  I write lists by the dozen – grocery lists, recipe lists, deadline lists, to-do lists, very detailed cleaning lists, lists of books to read/buy, packing lists, project lists, lists of punches I own, wish lists, bucket lists … I guess you get the picture.  I read loads of magazines with step-by-step time management tips.  I download dozens of pre-made to-do lists and organizers.  I even subscribe to websites that send me daily time-saving tips.  I buy cute little notebooks for my lists and make them pretty with ribbons and charms and tabs and still time eludes me … sigh …                                            MAY 2010

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isay said...

love your journaling and i do feel you. i do the same thing trying to make a list for everything but then i forget that i had a list even worse i forget where i put the list. LOL! anyways, i had fun with this challenge and here is the link for my take on this challenge-
Thank you.